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    Hello BB lovers,

    I am facing really frustrating issue with BBZ10 which is transferring BBM contacts to my new BBZ10, previously this wasn't a problem using BlackBerry Desktop Software backing up and restoring everything to the new device. NOW it is a BIG problem when I recently bought my BBZ10.

    I have downloaded BlackBerry Link on my laptop and followed all steps to switch from Torch 9810 to BBZ10, at the beginning things were great, all contacts in my address book, photos, videos and MemoPad where transferred except BBM contacts, then I did the backup/restore using media card but BBM contacts were not transferred.

    I have more than 200 BBM contacts and to re invite all of them is time consuming, with BlackBerry Desktop Software I used to change BB's from one to another without bothering my BBM contact due to the fact the my BBM PIN used to change on their BB without they even notice that.

    Can some one help on this matter with step by step guide.

    02-11-13 07:39 AM
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    It appears you never updated to BBM 7 on your 9810. I would recommend putting your SIM card back in your 9810, and upgrade to BBM 7 on there. BBM 7 syncs all your BBM related information with your BBID, so when you use it to sign in on your Z10, it should sync them. As long as you have a BIS package still on your plan, this should work.
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    02-11-13 07:44 AM

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