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    I searched for this topic but didn't find it, so I thought I'd contribute my little gem of wisdom I found out on another forum ages ago about car scratches of all things...

    White scratches on almost any surface can be removed by rubbing alcohol (napkin, towel, cotton ball etc application). I have a Shieldzone skin on the screen of my Pearl, and I wear the phone in a hip holster facing out. I have 3 kids and a very busy workday, and the phone is never off of my hip, so you can imagine it gets bumped and scraped even though I try to take care of it. I got three new scratches on my screen cover this morning that wouldn't rub out, but rubbing alcohol took it away instantly. So for any of you thinking you need to order a new skin because of white scratches, try this first!
    08-30-07 11:34 AM