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    How can I set up my bb (9780) so that when I delete an email from my computer, I don't have to then go and get it off the bb manually as well? I'd like it to follow what I do on the computer. I am using gmail.

    Thank you!
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    12-11-10 10:15 AM
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    Go to your email in box and select options>email reconciliation. Set

    Delete on: mailbox and handheld
    Wireless reconcile: on
    On conflict: mailbox wins

    That is how mine is set and both the online in box and BB in box match.

    Note: if I delete an email on the computer it doesn't disappear from the BB instantly. I think it syncs next time an email comes in.

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    12-11-10 10:26 AM
  3. reneemizrahi's Avatar
    Hm. I do have it set up that way, but it must take a realllllllly long time to disappear from BB.

    12-11-10 11:07 PM
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    @op it does take quite a while, and i don't think we have a perm solution for it yet. For now, its instant from bb to gmail, but not vice versa.
    12-12-10 12:28 AM