08-23-11 01:25 PM
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  1. jonathon.94's Avatar
    With my very heavy usage I get about 8 hours out of mine. I hope to buy a 2600 battery and get at least a full 24 hours out of it.

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    08-20-11 11:56 AM
  2. Tõnis's Avatar
    With moderate to heavy usage I get 12-18 hours on my 9650 runing OS6/600. The variable factor is the phone calls. With calls, I'll only get twelve. No calls, I'll get more. Either way, the battery is pretty low at the end of the respective time period(s). I have no running apps like weather, I usually leave wifi on, and I leave yahoo and windows live instant messengers on all the time. Sometimes I leave aim on, too, and I seem to notice shorter battery life when I do.

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    08-20-11 12:10 PM
  3. Alberta Blue's Avatar
    Blackberry Bold 9900 OS 7 --> 25 - 30 hrs with moderate use.

    My wife has a Torch 9810 and gets roughly the same. We charge them both every night, and Meterberry shows them using about 4% per hour on average.
    08-20-11 02:55 PM
  4. BravoZuluDelta's Avatar
    I use my BlackBerry Torch 9800 pretty consistently on weekdays from 7 am in the morning to 12 am at night. 7 am to 4 pm is light usage, 20 minutes of BB Traffic and intermittent email and BBMs. 4 pm to 12 am sees intermittent but heavy usage of News Feeds, which is set to leave the backlight on forever. It normally gets to 30% by the time I plug it in at night, the very worst has been 15%, running MaxHybrid V9. I can safely say I would never get more than a day of use.
    08-20-11 02:56 PM
  5. Tõnis's Avatar
    ...I can safely say I would never get more than a day of use.
    That's how it is for me. Is your encryption on? Mine is. I've read it might use more battery power if encryption is on, and I wonder if people who are getting upwards of 24 hours have encryption on or off.

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    08-20-11 03:03 PM
  6. MaxxxBerry23's Avatar
    I`m getting about 18-22h out of my Torch, with BBMing all the day, websurfing and taking a lot of photos. Photos and videos take the most out of the battery in my opinion...
    08-20-11 03:06 PM
  7. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    I own a Blackberry repair company and most of the blackberry we work with last on average 24 hours. However we recommend replacing the battery of your blackberry every 8 months. Another thing you should also do is only charging your blackberry FULLY when the battery is completely empty!

    Hope this information helps!
    IMO, it doesn't help. It seems ludicrous, in fact. We've got a ton of BBs that are well over 2 years old and have never needed new batteries. In fact, they may not be lasting long because you are recommending being drained to the point of being empty. That is the most damaging thing you can do to a Li-Ion battery. Charging on a regular basis is much better advice.

    Similar to a mechanical device that wears out faster with heavy use, so also does the depth of discharge (DoD) determine the cycle count. The smaller the depth of discharge, the longer the battery will last. If at all possible, avoid frequent full discharges and charge more often between uses. If full discharges cannot be avoided, try utilizing a larger battery. Partial discharge on Li-ion is fine; there is no memory and the battery does not need periodic full discharge cycles other than to calibrate the fuel gauge on a smart battery.
    How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries - Battery University
    08-20-11 03:35 PM
  8. Tõnis's Avatar
    Great info from Battery University. With Li-Ion, the only time an occasional full discharge and recharge is necessary is for a periodic resetting of the battery gauge. At least that's what Lenovo recommends for my ThinkPad. I think Lenovo recommends it after every 30 cycles, which seems more often than necessary. I end up doing it about every three months. Last time that was around fifty cycles.

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  9. BravoZuluDelta's Avatar
    That's how it is for me. Is your encryption on? Mine is. I've read it might use more battery power if encryption is on, and I wonder if people who are getting upwards of 24 hours have encryption on or off.

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    Encryption is off, though I assume the majority of battery life goes away due to the backlight staying on when I use News Feeds. The battery is normally at 60-70% when I get home at 4 pm. I would likely get two days' use if I used it as a "work only" phone, 7 am to 4 pm, emails and calls.
    08-20-11 04:17 PM
  10. chiefbroski's Avatar
    1.5 days on a CDMA Storm 1. Average use, 10% brightness, bluetooth on, bridged to pb, 3G with Telus.

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    08-20-11 07:05 PM
  11. mtint's Avatar
    Normally at 50-60% on OS6 .448 based hybrid in the end of the day. With heavy use - lot of browsing, IMs, etc. getting ~30% in the end of the day.
    Charge the phone every night.
    08-20-11 07:34 PM
  12. JR A's Avatar

    You guys are getting incredible time out of a single charge! I'm averaging about 10 hours of normal use for ME (which, is probably more than most anyone on here would use). Usually when I unplug around 6:30am I'll get down to the yellow around 4pm, and definitely in the red before 5pm.

    I have all of my backlight settings down to low and set to turn off at the soonest time available. I don't have wifi on, nor do I even have bluetooth on at all!

    I make/receive about 200 or so calls a day, not to mention the endless text messages going in and out of this BB, and the constant Facebook, email, and BBM throughout the day, so I guess it's not that bad.

    Imagine what my life would be like with that kinda daily agenda but using an iPhone or Andriod!
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  13. JR A's Avatar
    You're a call center agent and using the BB as your working device? Averaging on a 10h day of work that's 20 calls per hour or 1 every 3mins. Must be using one of the older phones for sure as the newer ones can't go that long without charging (at least those that I own don't).
    No, not a call center agent (thank goodness).

    Small business owner. And, I don't work a 9 to 5 work day, nor a 10 hour day for that matter; calls happen around the clock with me. At least a third and sometimes half of all my daily calls last less than a minute or two. And not to mention all the missed calls that pile up throughout the day...

    My morning starts at 7am with a conference call, followed by another, then followed by another after that. Then in the evening (two or three days out of the week) I have a final conf. call around 9:45pm to end my day. And it's pretty much calls in/out in between those...
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  14. jonathon.94's Avatar
    I think the one thing that are batteries' worst enemies is pandora. I went to my girlfriend's house today and she wanted to listen to pandora so I was like sure so while she listened through head phones, I was browsing crackberry. I swear that battery dropped 1% per minute.

    If I'm not using pandora or youtube and just surf plain websites through Opera along with all my other communications such as facebook, texting, BBM, etc, I can go through my whole day without much issue and considering I charge over the night anyways, it's perfectly fine for me.

    Though I did learn the hard way that my BB can not survive school. My old dumb phones would loose about half their charge in my school while my blackberry can not. (bad service areas with brick walls plus some teachers have cell blockers). I got off the bus on the second day of school with 88% battery and walked into school. By the time I got to lunch (1:00 pm) my phone was completed dead. SO now I keep it off except for one period in which I turn it on to download messages. I also bring my charger and I will charge it during certain periods to be sure that it stays charged for my ride home.
    08-20-11 10:48 PM
  15. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    plus some teachers have cell blockers).
    Really? Cuz those are illegal in the US and carry a huge FCC fine...
    08-20-11 10:52 PM
  16. jonathon.94's Avatar
    Well it is rumored among all of the students of one (recently fired) teacher that she had a cell blocker. I didn't have her class but when 80% of her students tell you that, it makes you think there must be a reason.
    08-20-11 11:26 PM
  17. jlarkins08's Avatar
    I can get up to 30 hours on my Curve 3G (9330) with one charge! But I do charge it every night just to have a fresh full charge the next day.. I think of my self and a moderate user, I don't get calls much.. And if I do they're maybe 5-10 minutes long! I do a lot of data stuff though.. Text, bbm, facebook and browsing web! My Curve 3G has great battery life the number one reason I'm staying with Blackberry!

    Edit: oh and I am running OS
    Don't care for OS 6.0 on the Curve series "IMO"

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  18. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    Depends on what I do with it. I stream Sirius/XM at work for 8 hours a day plus another 2 hours at the gym during the week. I keep my BB plugged in at work while I stream. If I don't, it's DRT before lunch.

    On the weekends, I stream some when I'm cleaning the house or working with my horses. I usually have to plug mine in before 7 if I start using it at noon. If I don't stream, I can go all day without a charge and plug it in with battery left before I go to bed at midnight on the weekends.
    08-22-11 09:56 AM
  19. jeffrey4670's Avatar
    Bold 9780. I use it for occasional calls & texts. lots of emails & contacts/calendar sync. turned off 3G & maps. No Apps, no BBM or IM apps. No internet. Screen light on 10. It's on from 8am-8pm. My Bold 9780 makes around 20 SMS per month. The last time I tried it, it ran for 10 days and had 10% left. The best mobile battery life of any phone I have had.
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