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  • I'm on my first Blackberry.

    5 9.62%
  • I've had several over the years.

    47 90.38%
02-08-17 10:31 PM
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  1. XBSTANLEY's Avatar
    new addition - RED Passport....

    RED Passport SQW100-1/
    05-20-15 04:59 PM
  2. Stevebez's Avatar
    This is going to be interesting - I haven't added it up in a while! There have been a few that I bought cheaply as a curiosity, and never actually used on a network. I will mark those with an *. My intro to BlackBerry was in 2010 on Virgin Mobile with an 8530, which I had for a couple of years. After that I had:

    Playbook (does it count for this question?)
    8330* (on its way)

    If I listed all the phones I've ever had, this list would be much, much longer.
    donemt likes this.
    05-20-15 05:17 PM
  3. IndianTiwari's Avatar
    All !

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport
    05-21-15 09:22 AM
  4. Captain_RK's Avatar
    Have had a 8300, 9800, 9810, another 9810, z10 and now a z30. And still have a PlayBook. Had it since almost day 1.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    05-22-15 06:46 PM
  5. jeterline's Avatar
    I got my first BlackBerry - a Bold 9700 from my boss who sold it to me after a week of using it. I immediately grabbed the offer with a 15% off from its original price knowing the quality and status symbol of the brand. I upgraded to Z10 sometime in 2011 then to Passport in 2014. Still currently using all the 3 BlackBerry units.

    Pasaporte Pinas
    12-19-16 12:51 AM
  6. nhdkhang's Avatar
    Storm 1
    Storm 2
    Passport silver

    SQW100-4 pin: 2C302EE6
    12-19-16 01:16 AM
  7. Eno Karapici's Avatar
    I have owned 5: Bold 9700, 9900, Z10, Passport, Clasic

    Posted via CB10
    12-19-16 02:10 AM
  8. brianwiebe's Avatar
    I started with a Torch 9850, at the end of 2011, that bricked within a week...took it back and moved up to the 9900 Bold (still use it for Pandora and Solitaire)...then Passport SE. My son uses the Z10. So, technically I guess that makes 4.
    I started with the Bold because I figured it was my last chance at a BlackBerry, but still going, 5 years on. I always joke that I'm the last BlackBerry user in California.

    BPWiebe on the beautiful Silver Edition Passport.
    12-19-16 02:29 AM
  9. Alecsandrv's Avatar
    Three. My very first smartphone was a blackberry.
    12-19-16 03:17 AM
  10. wilber1's Avatar
    First was the pearl flip last was a Classic and many in between I still have a 9700 and a 9900 sittin in a drawer .
    12-19-16 04:50 AM
  11. shaleem's Avatar
    I no longer use a BlackBerry. However, I've owned an 8100, 8110, 9000, 9700, 9710?(I believe that was the model) 9800, 9900, and Z3.
    12-20-16 10:04 PM
  12. anon(10096035)'s Avatar
    My first and only Blackberry I've owned is the DTEK50 and I love it. And if BB can pull together I'll continue buying Android powered smartphones from them.
    12-20-16 10:28 PM
  13. vaspat3's Avatar
    Curve 8900, Bold 9900, q10, Classic and Passport=5 in all. :-)

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-16 11:40 PM
  14. bathu's Avatar
    Curve 9320
    Passport original

    Posted via CB10
    12-21-16 04:23 AM
  15. alfista's Avatar
    12-21-16 06:15 AM
  16. Notna Nosyel's Avatar
    16 BlackBerrys in all. 8800, 8100, 8310, 9000, Storm 2, 9220, 9630, 9700, 9790, 9860, 9900, Z10, Q10, Q5, Leap, and Passport SE.

    Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky
    12-21-16 07:32 AM
  17. JohnKCG's Avatar
    5, 8520, 9360, Z10, 9810 and Q10, well 6 if We count the Playbook but that doesn't realy count

    Posted via CB10
    12-21-16 10:11 PM
  18. cathulu15's Avatar
    Z30, Passport SE, PRIV and Playbook
    12-22-16 02:10 AM
  19. Old_Mil's Avatar
    9300, z10, z30, q10, passport.

    I would have to say that the z30 and passport are my favorites. The q10 has its own appeal, but was just getting to be too slow for apps, particularly for anything android. The short battery life of the z10 was always an issue and I could never quite bring myself to get a Mugen for it.
    12-22-16 05:53 AM
  20. iHadLastBB's Avatar
    Since iPhones showed up in my country with exclusively one competitor carrier had rights to sell them, at the same time my carrier started offering BlackBerries. It was 2009-2010. Since then I personally owned 7 devices:

    Torch 9800
    Torch 9810
    Z30 x2
    Passport White
    Passport Silver Edition

    Before I was mainly Nokia user.. 8-series and etc, N93 was my last Nokia switch to my first BlackBerry. Everyone hated me that I'm not like everyone else and choose BlackBerry instead of iPhone. All this time I felt like alone soldier in the field and had to defend and promote BlackBerry too many times, but in 2016 I fallen and all of you understand why.

    First try was in the middle of the 2016 with the android devices, Huawei P9. Well.. "thanks" to BlackBerry with android OS is the "best" what you can do to still have something like "BB10 experience".

    2016 December I switched to iPhone 7 Plus and after 6-7 years of fruit wars I have to admit defeat. It also made me sad, it made me realise that I want to go back to Passport SE, but I can't because BlackBerry itself made BB10 unusable as possible in purpose.

    BlackBerry calls himself as "a software company" now, but software is the reason why BB10 is unusable. Blackberry HUB with emails do not work at all. It is strange to me why only BB10 devices itself do not work with HUB emails, while BlackBerry Blend works just perfect, legacy BlackBerry ..6-7 OS'es also works perfectly, damn.. even android version Blackberry HUB works perfectly with emails, but not BlackBerry 10 devices itself. I guaranty it is done in purpose and BlackBerry do not fix it.
    (If you asking what do not work? It is very simple - "Show Read Filed Emails" button. "Show Read Filed Emails" button works with all Blackberry legacy devices, Blackberry Blend and even android OS version of Blackberry HUB. "Show Read Filed Emails" button just do not work with Blackberry 10 devices itself. You can see all emails in all others, but not in Blackberry 10 devices.)

    Another thing, Blackberry Keyboard pkb/vkb. Blackberry calls himself as "best keyboards" creators, "you will have best keyboard experience", but keyboard input languages is limited to pathetic number of available languages. You can not type in most languages with BlackBerries "best keyboard", as the business oriented devices it is most unprofessional thing you can do with device. All other OS competitors do not have this gap.

    And the last thing... apps, but it is totally a different story.. but after using android OS and iOS I realised for me Facebook and Messenger is only apps I truly need since FB Messenger become the same as Snapchat. I don't know how difficult is to make 2 FB apps to be on Blackberry World again.

    Hardware is more then fine. Even one year old Passport SE have better speakers and build quality then any other device today, damn even 3 year old Z30 have better speakers and build quality than any other device today. AMOLED screens just coming to iPhones, then Z30 had it ages ago. In other hand camera's, well, BlackBerry you need to do a lot of work here. What I trying to say is, BlackBerry, if you calling yourself "Software is the new BlackBerry" then be honest and at least fix you goddamn BB10 Operating System to meet basic users' needs! Thank You.
    "So relax, and remember that you don't owe the big tech companies anything. Let them serve you, in the way that you want."
    Last edited by iHadLastBB; 12-22-16 at 06:52 AM.
    12-22-16 06:30 AM
  21. antoscimento's Avatar
    Curve bold playbook black Q10 Z30 Classic Priv white Q10: 8 devices

    Posted via CB10
    12-22-16 10:39 AM
  22. hec666's Avatar
    Let's see....

    Yep that's about right!

    Will see what the new ones look like, but for now I'll keep rocking the Passport because it's just awesome!

    Posted via CB10
    12-22-16 10:52 AM
  23. spantch101's Avatar
    8700,8100(pearl),9530(storm),8830(tour),8330(curve ),9550(storm 2),9810(torch)9700(bold)9860(torch),9900 (bold) , z10,q10,z30,classic,passport I had a couple other curves between devices as I always break things b it I don't know the model numbers on them
    12-23-16 12:00 PM
  24. Originalloverman's Avatar
    Lots post this many times on here,
    Think I have 20 + bbs

    Posted via CB10
    12-23-16 04:49 PM
  25. otaku2's Avatar
    Two early units (a Curve and a SureType something I don't recall) from work, a Pearl, two Bolds, two Playbooks, and my current Passport.
    12-23-16 08:11 PM
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