1. leejayh's Avatar

    Sorry if this has been asked before - as I am sure that there are many threads around whether BBM should be cross platform or not. To date - i believe that RIMM has chosen to keep BBM to BB devices only. Interestingly, with the Hub coming and the idea of it being your one place for everything - could BBM not also take a similar role? Why not allow it to be the central point for all of your Instant Messages. When interfacing out to other messengers - it will have lesser functionality than BBM - but why make a person jump to google talk or Yahoo, etc. Or even SMS? Just stick it all in one place. As BB add more and more incredible functionality to BBM, then people will say - I would rather have that...

    Am i missing something? Forgive my ignorance as I do not know how this all works... I am sure that Crapple will not let people into iMessage. But in my book, openness is better....
    12-16-12 09:46 AM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    On current BBs, you can add SMS contacts to your BBM contact list. That way, you can use one interface to chat with people, whether they are on BBM or not (similar to iMessage, although BBM has had this feature for much longer than iOS).

    We still have to see how the Hub will fully work on BB10.
    12-16-12 01:12 PM
  3. ankoil's Avatar
    If I jump to Android, BBM will be one reason I'll continue to use my Torch. Apps like Kik are good but there's no syncing, or saving history. People can also just randomly talk to you which is creepy.
    12-17-12 02:57 AM

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