1. Mike_31's Avatar
    Hi there. I am new to Blackberry all togerther and I am curious on how long should I expect a Pearl 8130 battery to last under normal to light usage? It seems like I can even make it 24 hours without a charge. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
    11-14-08 05:15 PM
  2. Reparkable's Avatar
    I charge my 8130 every 2 days usually. Sometimes with light usage 3 days will go by.

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    11-14-08 05:19 PM
  3. thepaintedpony's Avatar
    With heavy use, I can go all day without a charge. Lots of phone and data usage. When I first got the phone, I was surprised because it seemed like I was charging more than I did with the previous phone. Well, I was - but my other phone didn't have nearly the features NOR the intense data plan. With surfing, texting, and talking, it does zap the battery. Its a good thing though - it means that you're using your phone more because it's so powerful and flexible! That's why we love the Blackberry phones. Unlimited features galore!
    11-14-08 05:35 PM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Never tested the limits as it is an absolutely bad idea to run a
    Li-Ion battery down on a rgeular basis. That is one of the worst
    things you can do for the overall health of the battery.

    I charge mine every night and whenever I have a chance during
    the day.
    11-14-08 07:31 PM
  5. thepaintedpony's Avatar
    Agree completely with amazingly... I didn't mean I ran the battery down on a regular basis! ( I never have! ) :-) I just meant I use my phone a lot, and don't have battery issues. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my thread!!!
    11-14-08 08:08 PM
  6. VikingBerry's Avatar
    I have to charge my 8703e every night, but I also use it pretty much all day. Good this is that it recharges quickly.

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    11-14-08 08:22 PM
  7. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    I have to charge about 4 to 6 hours into the day but I use it nonstop
    11-14-08 09:24 PM
  8. wallyjayrosenberger's Avatar
    If I use mine constantly then about a day. With light usage then 2-3.

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    11-14-08 09:37 PM