1. Generik777#CB's Avatar
    I started a a complete wipe of my Blackberry bold 9650 1.5 hours ago and it's still just showing the spinning clock with a message about not removing the battery until finished. How long is this supposed to take? Thanx
    02-28-11 06:40 PM
  2. aznlgcy's Avatar
    It usually takes no more than 5 minutes, but have found sometyimes takes as long as 30 minutes.
    02-28-11 06:43 PM
  3. paintdrinkingpete's Avatar
    It can depend on some of your security settings...but it probably should never take an hour and a half.
    02-28-11 06:44 PM
  4. Generik777#CB's Avatar
    What would you recommend I do. Remove the battery and do a hard reset?
    02-28-11 06:46 PM
  5. aznlgcy's Avatar
    What did you use to do your complete wipe BBSAK?
    02-28-11 06:48 PM
  6. Generik777#CB's Avatar
    No, Just the built in wipe.
    02-28-11 06:53 PM
  7. aznlgcy's Avatar
    The built in wipe on the device?

    If you remove the battery it may end up giving you an error requiring you to reinstall the OS. Really if it keeps spinning and doesn't end your only choice will be to do that anyways.
    02-28-11 06:54 PM
  8. Generik777#CB's Avatar
    Yeah the one built into the device itself. I guess I'll let it go for awhile more and just go for it if it doesn't end. Thanx for the help.
    02-28-11 06:57 PM
  9. Tõnis's Avatar
    I did one recently (by accident -- too many password attempts), and it did take a while. I mean, the wipe seemed to go quickly, but then it started another process (said "scrubbing" on the screen), and that took a long time. Seemed like 45 minutes.

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    02-28-11 10:14 PM
  10. hondateg91's Avatar
    The longest it lasted for my Bold was about 20 minutes max. Are you under any type of IT policy or on BES at all?
    02-28-11 11:10 PM
  11. NJStyle's Avatar
    If you are wiping your BlackBerry by doing a security wipe and not the factory reset then.

    Assuming you are using 5.0 + device software.

    It depends on two major factors.
    • Please check in the BlackBerry Menu > Options > Security Options > Security Wipe
    • Did you select only Email, Contacts, etc.
    • You Also selected User Installed Applications.
    • You Also selected Media/Memory card to clean.

    Please check if BlackBerry Menu > Options > Security Options > Encryption (Disabled or Enabled)

    1. If the Encryption of Data was enabled before security wipe then please disable it to do the faster wipe otherwise it will take sometime hours as it has to decrypt chunks of data before wiping so it takes longer than expected.

    Generally speaking

    if the Data Encryption disabled by default and nothing else is checked in the security wipe options in the BlackBerry then it should take not more than 10 minutes to do the security wipe.
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    02-28-11 11:30 PM
  12. SmakBerry's Avatar
    Sometimes it does take a long time. I'd wait a little longer. When I wiped my other torch it took about an hour
    02-28-11 11:44 PM
  13. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    me being a person who has wiped my 9650 quite often, I have done the remote wipe and at times it has taken up to a full day to completely wipe the thing. I dont know why it takes so long for me, but it could be related to how much memory is on the device before the wipe.

    Either way, its bizzare.... and more bizzare than that is how easily the OS just breaks down on me when I download more than 20 apps. I use to think it was just one specific app that was messing my OS up, but for every wipe I've done, it has always come from totally different failures of an app.... and usually occurs during the actual "download" process from appworld.

    very frustrating... Dont know if this is an OS6 thing or not
    03-01-11 12:29 AM
  14. NJStyle's Avatar
    @Rican > Please go to your BlackBerry and Press Menu Key > Options > Security Options > Encryption (Disable it).
    Take out the Battery and put the battery back in.
    Once you are again on the home screen then you are ready to do the security wipe.
    Now if you will do the security wipe hopefully it would not take more than 15 minutes at maximum.
    Also when performing the security wipe you don't need to check the Media card.

    If the encryption is enabled then security wipe scrub every piece of data before wiping it out so it takes hours to finish the security wipe.
    03-01-11 10:46 PM
  15. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    I've never enabled encription so its always disabled. When I wipe from a PC, it goes fast, but when I wipe remotely from the device itself, I get the same hour glass problem that the OP is referring to. I dont think encription has much to do with it, at least on my end anyway...
    03-01-11 11:07 PM
  16. SmakBerry's Avatar
    my encryption is never enabled and it takes a while at times.
    03-01-11 11:08 PM
  17. firstlaydee's Avatar
    when I wiped my Torch it kept clocking for atleast an hour so I pulled the battery and when it rebooted it then it wiped it as it was rebooting
    03-14-11 08:28 PM