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    Just got my Storm yesterday. Loaded up the contacts from my Outlook through the DM. This worked fine only it did not load up the business contacts from the business contact manager in Outlook. Any thoughts on what needs manipulating here would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    I have Outlook 2007.
    01-21-09 09:36 PM
  2. chelseytx's Avatar
    Make sure you have the correct contacts datadase mapped.... Dm - sync - sync settings - calendar - advanced and check to see it the bcd it mapped. The default mapped is ur personal contacts

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    01-21-09 10:08 PM
  3. Flexible's Avatar
    Thank you. I did follow your route. Got to Intellisync Setup then go to Advanced then Map Folded box. I can see the Business Contact Manager in here but it won't allow me to Add it to the Selected Folders box. The Personal Folders/Contacts is in there like you say.
    Any more thoughts?
    01-21-09 11:25 PM
  4. chelseytx's Avatar
    Is it grayed out? It could be because it is a public folder( if it is a pf) u may have to talk to ur it admin about it.... try making another cdb in ur mailbox and see if u can map that. I personally haven't mapped my public bcdb b/c I know ours is so out of sync it is not even funny. If you are wanting this just for ur use copy all the contacts to another cdb in ur personal mailbox and map that to snyc it. If you need anything else feel free to pin or bbm me.... It may be faster

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    01-21-09 11:32 PM
  5. maryamk1e's Avatar
    Hi, I have a 8310 Curve and I have the same problem. However when I go to advanced settings I only see field mapping and filter setting. Nowhere to change the address book folder. In device configurations there is an area for hand held applications and address book is mapped to Microsoft Outlook and there is no way to change \\Personal Folders\Contacts. The browse option won't allow me to choose anything but from Personal Folders and Archive. Any ideas what could the problem be?
    04-14-09 12:50 PM