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    Argh. This' so complicated and frustrating. Last week, I had a JVM error on my bb bold 9700 and when i fixed it, people here told me i seem to have a fresh new phone since some of the apps went missing (memopad, games..etc)

    I also noticed that when I use the internet, the loading logo is GLOBE(sim holder here in the philippines) but before it was the bb logo. And when I have wifi here at home(i know because im using my laptop with wifi), I also tried it with my bb. Yes, internet worked but it charged me 5 pesos(phil. currency), that means wifi didnt worked. It wasnt like that before When I use wifi, they didnt charged me because I was in a wifi zone and my wifi connection was on please help. and how do i put back my games, memopad, and all that was lost before I had a so-called "reformat"
    09-17-10 12:04 AM
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    and does the wifi logo at the right top of my screen be somewhat white? cause it aint, it's somehow gray indicating that it isnt active. please help me

    and when i go on manage connections, my mobile network, globe, has a check mark on it while my wifi only has "-" on it.
    09-17-10 12:09 AM
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    Oh yeah, and when i try to download ym for bb and stuff, the browser always tells me that my sessions is expired :|
    09-17-10 12:15 AM
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    Uh, wow! You've got a lot going on here

    1. I assume when you say that you fixed the JVM error (507?) that you reloaded the OS. Go back into DTM and open the application loader and scroll down through the list. Put a checkmark in every box next to the app you want to load, and load it.

    2. On your Berry: Goto options > advanced options > Host Routing Table > press the menu key > click on Register now. From your PC, log in to the BIS website for GLOBE ( I think this is it: https://bis.ap.blackberry.com/html?brand=globe ) and click on help > send service books.

    3. WiFi is not connected until the logo is white and, under manage connections, there is a green checkmark. If you really want to make sure that you are only using WiFi, turn off the mobile network

    That should keep you busy for a bit
    Check back in with an update on how you're making out!
    09-17-10 12:36 AM
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    Sorry for my puny mind, but what is DTM? Just 17 yrs. old and Im ner to bb terms and the like. Oh wait, is that desktop manager?
    09-17-10 12:43 AM
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    Sorry for my puny mind, but what is DTM? Just 17 yrs. old and Im ner to bb terms and the like. Oh wait, is that desktop manager?
    You got it Desk Top Manager.
    And no need to apologize, I'll be a newbie til I die
    09-17-10 12:46 AM
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    All my missing programs are now installed. Thank you! But there's still a problem, I installed bb appworld but it's not on my phone. I checked the application folder but still no app world, and also on the main menu

    2) I opened DTM and it said that i should update it to 6.0 since i had 5.0 and so I updated it. The weird part is, my device software version is still 5 but when I go to add/remove programs its "Blackberry Desktop Manager 6.0"

    Sorry for the questions
    09-17-10 03:17 AM