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    I am a newbie here. As I would like the date and time set to network, so I don't have to change that every time I travel to a new timezone, the calendar does something strange: It changes with the network, which means that an appointment set for 2pm pacific time when I am in an Eastern time zone will change to 5pm, which is very annoying. Anybody know how to set only the calendar time to not pay attention to time zones or just to one time zone, so it is not changing with the network time or phone time?

    12-08-07 12:23 PM
  2. MadsTolling's Avatar
    Hello, anybody?

    seems like a very basic problem, maybe that is why nobody is writing, or maybe people just deal with this issue as it is..... Let me know, thanks.
    12-11-07 12:43 AM
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    12-11-07 02:37 AM