1. jinxednuance's Avatar

    I went on Blackberry's website and downloaded the Maps installer. However, I am not sure how to proceed from there.

    It said you have successfully installed BBMaps installer but I am not sure where to find the icon to click on it. I can't see the icon.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    05-16-11 11:07 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You can't install them that way on current devices.

    You need to load the device OS on your computer and then use the AppLoader or BlackBerry Desktop Manager to load them.
    05-17-11 06:01 AM
  3. jinxednuance's Avatar
    Ok thank you!
    05-31-11 12:55 AM
  4. Zach7's Avatar
    Plus if you have cool stuff like AT&T that still blocks the BBmaps, you will have to load the launcher in addition.
    05-31-11 01:58 AM
  5. Zach7's Avatar
    05-31-11 02:00 AM
  6. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    The OP isn't on AT&T.
    05-31-11 06:03 AM
  7. kinggame's Avatar
    try getting the service book for it, even an att one.
    06-03-11 05:24 PM
  8. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    BlackBerry Maps is not controlled by a Service Book.
    06-03-11 08:36 PM