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    1. open the contacts app, hold a contact until it turns blue then push the select all button.
    How I got my (Z30) contacts and calendar to sync with OUTLOOK-2.png

    2. Select the contacts you would like to sync. If you select more than the allowed amount, I think it is around 30 at a time, you will loose the option to sync. If this happen just deselect contacts until the option reappears then push the save to button

    How I got my (Z30) contacts and calendar to sync with OUTLOOK-3.png

    3. Deselect then select the check boxes to the right. Click done in the top right coner. Your contacts are now synced.

    How I got my (Z30) contacts and calendar to sync with OUTLOOK-4.png

    I could not sync with Outlook.com or outlook, the steps above worked for me. I hope you have success good luck. Hopefully this works with every mail provider.
    02-01-14 08:53 PM
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    I think the issue people had was with pre-existing contacts (only ones added after the sync-relationship was set up would sync correctly). The workaround involved exporting vcf files, using gmail to import (because outlook.com only likes .csv), then importing to outlook from gmail. Needless to say it was silly. If this works to sync old contacts then that's great news!
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    02-01-14 09:13 PM

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