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    Ok so with Rim now being the most frustrating thing of the week, ive been thinking about what has been happening to them more and more than ever. Blackberry is my life, no joke. Ever since ive owned my first berry (8830) ive been on it like crack (hence our name). But over the last few years ive found it tough to be a blackberry fan, not based on the hardware or software i can deal with those till BB10 comes out, but the fact of the market BASHING rim to death. Yes i believe Rim has had one of the worst downhill slides ive seen in electronics history, but given the media slaughter against them i feel they have held up till this point. As im writing this all i can hear is the speculation from EVERY so called "analyst" in the game. Saying Rim is dead, im not n that boat, ill be the captain going down with the ship but also seeing it ride to its former glory. Yes 100% Rim has a tough battle ahead, but you also have one of the most loyal fanbases i have ever seen (besides WoW clans). We have an army of people just waiting Day and night to see that shimmer of hope from Rim just letting us know everything will be ok. But we need to stay strong and focus on the good we have done, seeing everyday that "Analyst says RIM to sell off company" or "Report says RIM is already dead" doesnt help but just ignore it like i do. My rule of thumb is if its not on Crackberry DONT believe it. With this all said the one thing i am most nervous about is Rim to ever possibly sell of its OS or hardware or to even use android/windows OS, heres why. I LOVE BB OS i love how my messages are always there no "pushing" no waiting if i send it, its already sent. No waiting for it to go ive used an iphone and android and this hasnt been the case. I also cannot live without bbm, yes i know theres a million other clients i can use but none stack up to bbm or even come close in my mind. Yes i understand that my one little voice will most likely never be heard but i cant stress enough its going to get worse till it gets better, youve seen it said on crackberry before and its true, we all knew that the call that happened last night was going to come true one day thorsten has said it before, its not an easy road ahead. And yes Waiting is the hardest part. Maybe im all alone of this ship after last night but ill continue to be here sink or swim. In blackberry i trust.

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    06-29-12 11:21 AM