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    im from the philippines and i bought this second hand t-mobile phone and i just found out that its PIN has been deactivated from t-mobile .. and i can't seem to track the person who sold it to me .. the phone is 100% fine but then the PIN isn't released .. and it pisses me off cause i can't seem to enjoy the blackberry services .. and bbm .. please help me how to get my PIN released form t-mobile .. i don't know what to do .. and i don't know how to contact t-mobile .. cause im from the philippines .. please HELP ..
    04-15-11 04:01 AM
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    The only thing you can do is to try and get a hold of the seller. Good luck!

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    04-15-11 04:09 AM
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    You may have to get in touch with T-Mobile to create a new account? Or maybe a carrier in your area? Being in the Philippines there may be charges and tolls you will be subjected to calling a/through a different country. This is one area I am not sure about. Try t-mobile.com to see what steps they recommend. Hope this helps.
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    04-15-11 04:52 AM
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    Here's some contact information from their US website.

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    You might want to start here.
    04-15-11 06:53 AM
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    Call Tmo and tell them your aituation. If it has not been reported stolen it is likely they will release the pin.

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    04-15-11 07:26 AM