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    I have a BlackberryZ10. I've been having problems with this one girl from work who was supposed to be a friend but turned out not to be a friend and she has caused problems for me with other people at work and I was going to go to our union about it and so I had purposely not deleted our BBM conversation so I had something to show them but then I looked today at my BBM chats and she deleted me as a contact so the conversation was deleted as well so now i have nothing to show them anymore. Is there any way to recover the conversation from a contact that deleted you? I've never backed up or saved anything to my knowledge, but i really need those messages or I have nothing to show the union anymore.
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    05-13-13 11:30 PM
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    The only think you can do at least that I know is to make her add you again so that you can see the conversations, cuz the conversations are encrypted I think!!

    Good luck with that

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    05-13-13 11:45 PM

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