1. beartenor1's Avatar
    I upgraded my Sprint 8830 to v.2.2.196 and the whole installation went great until it got to the part for restoring the backed up databases.

    Blackberry Desktop refuses to restore the databases because my device is configured to sync wirelessly with my corporate server.

    NOTE: I do not actually have a workstation at the company because I work at another location, and my device is personally owned. My company has a policy that allows using BES to push email and calendar to personal Blackberries. Because my device is personally owned, the IT Dept. is not responsible for maintenance.

    How do I force a restore of all of my databases before I call my IT Dept. to redeploy my Enterprise Activation?
    08-28-08 09:38 AM
  2. oakie's Avatar
    the only way is to nuke the IT policy, restore from backup, then reapply the IT policy, afaik.
    08-28-08 11:21 AM
  3. Reed's Avatar
    Off topic to oakie. Out of curiosity, I tried your sig line url, it redirected me to:

    At Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital we are committed to treating each resident as an individual because we know that each resident needs unique and special care. We arrange daily activities and outings with friends and family in order to achieve the highest level of functioning from our residents. We enjoy actively participating in our residents’ joys and triumphs. We are proud to make a difference for our residents and their families.
    That sounds just like CrackBerry!
    08-28-08 11:30 AM