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    I receive meeting requests to a Gmail account that delivers mail to my BlackBerry Tour. When a BlackBerry user sends me a meeting request, I would like it to appear in my Gmail account, but not be delivered to my BB. I have been able to filter using Gmail to add a label when searching the body of the email for 'meeting.ics', but the BIS filters don't let me filter on the body of a message.

    I have been unable to find a way to search on the message type (Meeting Request) to stop it from being delivered to my BB. Unlike some other email systems, these meeting requests do not have any common identifying information in the subject (like 'Invitation:' or anything like that), just the name of the meeting.

    If I enable advanced IMAP settings in Gmail, I'm able to stop the message from reaching the BB if I use the Gmail filter to put a label on the message ('meeting requests') and keep it out of the Inbox, but that results in me never seeing the meeting request in Gmail either, since it never shows up in my Inbox.

    I'm sure someone has come across a solution to this problem. Will you please help me out by sharing it?
    08-11-10 12:20 PM