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    It took me a long time to figure out a way to beat Blackberry's dumber than dumb system that doesn't allow you to download attachments in the year 2008. I was unable to use Yahoo and Hotmail to do so with the standard browser - no matter what emulation. I kept getting bogus 500 errors. But here's what I did:

    1) Create a Hotmail account.
    2) Forward your email with the attachment to your hotmail account.
    3) Use Opera Mini 4.1 (or download it) and login to your hotmail account
    4) Download the attachment from your email - it will ask you where to save it and may jump back at you about saving 2-3 times but it DOES work.

    Now your done! You can now save attachments from your emails on your Blackberry! Too bad that you can't just do this like on every other phone on this planet that accepts email but perhaps you can send RIM and email and tell them to get a clue. While it will probably be 2009 before we'll see OS 4.5 on a Verizon phone, I am hoping we can rejoice in being able to download attachments, even if it's the long route. Enjoy!

    PS - In case you're wondering what I'm doing with this since Blackberry's document readers are for garbage as well, at least eOffice does seem to open native Word and Excel docs (some although not all) and now I can view and/or edit what I'm forwarding properly. Next we'll try to tackle PDFs and Powerpoint. Stay tuned.
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    06-07-08 07:49 PM
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    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but this did not work for me. I open the email in Opera just fine and fine the attachment. But when I select it, the unit won't ask me to download but simply hangs. I have the Curve 8330 w/ Verizon and 4.3 OS (not 4.5 yet). I figure when 4.5 is available from Verizon I might not have this problem.
    08-17-08 09:38 PM
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    Ummmm... download attachment with computer > drag and
    drop it into a folder on your BB. Done. No new email account,
    no 3rd party software required
    08-17-08 09:47 PM
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    Yes, if you CAN download with the computer. Suppose you are traveling in an area without Internet access for the computer. In that case, you can't download with the computer (or you'd have to find a wifi hotspot). And if I could download with the computer, there would be no need to put it on the device. I want to get retrieve the file from the BB and transfer to the computer in those situations.

    Probably will have to use the BB as a modem - which requires a more $$ dataplan.
    08-17-08 11:27 PM
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    How do you drag & drop from the computer to the BB???
    04-21-09 03:01 PM
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    How do you drag & drop from the computer to the BB???
    Enable Mass Storage Mode on your BB. Options > Media Card. Set to Prompt when connected to Computer.

    Your BB will appear on your PC as a removable flash drive.
    04-21-09 03:04 PM
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    How do you drag & drop from the computer to the BB???
    Save whatever it is you want to download on to your computer. Plug your phone in via the USB cord, once the computer recognizes your device (possibly might have to open up Desktop Manager to get recognition), open up my computer and you should see your BB device as an option and also your expandable memory which might be an F drive or something. Then open up the expandable memory option click on the attachment you saved to your phone then drag it over and drop it into your expandable memory.
    Pretty sure that is what you are asking if not good luck.
    04-21-09 03:07 PM
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    Thanks.. I've only been working with computers for 20+ years & didn't relate to doing that!!. It was easy enough but I copied pasted to various locations, both on the SD and basic and can't find it. I pasted on the mass to BB documents & on the BH to Applications (none were shown) & to home>users. I've got Word documents that I want to inport/paste to Word to go &/or Memo. I've opened Word and tried find but no luck.
    04-21-09 03:54 PM
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    You can find files on your media card by going to Media > Menu > Explore.
    04-21-09 03:58 PM
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    Sorry, I'm migrating from 4 years with a Treo 755p... Where is that on the BB?& once I get there how do I xfer to the Word?
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    Found It!!
    04-21-09 05:40 PM
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    So basically you cannot get any attachments with a bb curve. Does a different email app allow you to attach messages?
    04-28-09 03:51 PM
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    So basically you cannot get any attachments with a bb curve. Does a different email app allow you to attach messages?
    Sure you can, this thread is over a year old. read about Blackberry attachment services here:

    BlackBerry - Attachment Services

    You can load the attachment services support to your BB using Desktop Manager if you have your current OS installed on your computer. Click on Apploader, make sure Blackberry Attachment Services is checked off and click Next to load to your BB.
    04-28-09 04:01 PM
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    I can get some that our supported in a certain format.... I have a mac and use missing sync is there a way to download them ota or do I need to find a pc?
    04-28-09 05:19 PM
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    Try and borrow some PC time from a friend or relative.
    04-28-09 05:36 PM
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    does anyone know how to save a document in the menu for quicker access instead of having to go through the media card? i tried creating a new folder but dont know how to save a doc in it

    06-12-09 11:35 PM