1. Optimus4's Avatar
    Am I missing something? I was holding my 9900 and one part of the design I don't like is the buttons. All of them, lock, volume, mute, answer, end. They are feeble buttons with poor feedback. And if you have had a playbook you know about the power button and the Z30 buttons have caused some people problems as well. I don't know maybe the buttons are good design and I am mistaken. If not how come the designer/engineer hasn't learned their lesson?
    07-09-14 08:05 PM
  2. higherdestiny's Avatar
    Buttons on the Q10 are probably the best of the bunch.

    I find the Z30's buttons a little over-sensitive (likely to accidentally hit the play/pause button when pulling out the phone), but that might be just me.

    Some of it comes down to user preference too. Some like buttons that are soft and easy to press, others like buttons with more feedback and click. Quite different design to a keyboard key action, so you can't quite compare.
    07-09-14 08:35 PM

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