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    I see what you mean. The original article said "Kevin is firm that we should be able to bottom align icons within folders"-- which is why I posted my first screen above (the folders are showing the two (not four) icons bottom aligned "within the folder" showing on the Homescreen. And then when you click on a folder (my third screen above, requoted in yours) the top row is "empty" and my icons that I use more than the others are "bottom aligned." Of course, it's a forced tweak pushed down by blanks, but absent better technology...sometimes brute force is the only way! Would love a GridLock or Free Position...but it all is really quick to adjust to. Reminds me of when Macs would ship with start menus up top and Windows at the bottom...and folks went one way or the other and thought that was normal...and the other was weird...
    I like that you went and actually tried it on BB10, never occurred to me blanks were possible.

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    03-16-14 03:26 PM
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    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140316_215450.png

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    03-16-14 03:55 PM
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    I like that you went and actually tried it on BB10, never occurred to me blanks were possible.

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    The " . " blanks in my HUB folder, if I tap, go to the Hub. Those in the " F I L E " folder...are shortcuts to web pages (ESPN, CNN, NYPost). So they actually do something. a " . " as the title of the icon is the closest I can get to a TRUE blank... when I had a jailbroken iDevice, there was an absolutely blank iBlank app, which was cool. Too bad I had to put up with the rest of iOs. For fun, look at what my iPhone 5 jailbroken screen looked like (please don't kick me from CB for posting a now-defunct iDevice--fwiw, I had a BlackBerry logo on it!)

    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_2703.png
    03-16-14 03:58 PM
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    My main page has all of my most used apps. I hate to admit it but at one point I had 11 pages of icons but I deleted some and moved the rest into folders for page 2.

    Lovin my Z10
    I have three pages all with only one row of icons, the first page is my most used apps and no folders on the first pages. I wish folders were like bbos7.1 but I'll live with it for now.
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    Attachment 254557

    Keep The Faith ? BlackBerry Q10 ?

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    03-16-14 06:50 PM
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    Thanks, everyone for your suggestions. I must admit, Audux, I'm not sure what you mean by "capture and proft". I guess I'm more of a novice than I thought I was. I am going to experiment, though.

    I do get what Petikeis is saying -- about leaving one icon on the main page and then managing everything else in subsequent pages. That's a very good idea.

    Thanks again.

    Gary W.

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    Hi weissendorf, im sorry but I think I don't remember telling about "capture and proft", sharing my wallpaper here it is:

    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140313_172302.png

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    03-17-14 12:15 AM
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    Love the wallpaper....can you share.
    03-18-14 11:26 AM
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    Here's an old screenie of mine. I LOVED this wallpaper:


    That's pretty much how I always kept my homescreen, although I'd also typically have BBM up as an active frame as well.

    And here are my apps:

    Love the wallpaper, pantless penguin, where might I find it, if at all possble

    SQN100-2 |
    03-21-14 12:16 AM
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    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140321_081805.png

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    03-21-14 07:21 AM
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    04-02-14 08:07 AM
  10. Sli Alna's Avatar

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    04-02-14 08:08 AM
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    Here's mine

    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140402_133331.png

    Game boy z10
    04-02-14 12:34 PM
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    04-03-14 02:57 AM
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    here's mine
    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140403_160504.png

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    04-03-14 03:05 AM
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    Best of all
    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140402_080448.png
    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140402_080509.png
    How do you use your BlackBerry 10 homescreen?-img_20140402_080514.png

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    04-03-14 03:13 AM
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