1. khumash's Avatar
    I usually use it to listen to audio files, browse news online, make notes. Just curious how community use their BB? Please share, thanks.
    05-10-10 03:13 AM
  2. Bones Justice's Avatar
    I've been an 8100 user for several years. The 8100 was my first smartphone. I have used it for nearly every computer function that I used to need a desktop computer. I have to travel from home a lot for my job so a small portable computer is a necessity.

    For work, I make use of my Blackberry for documents (word processing, notes, tasks, and spreadsheets). I also have tons of legal files on my media card for reference in any situation. I have had a Freedom Universal Keyboard for several years, too. I highly recommend one (or something similar) if you need to do a lot of keyboarding. I do prefer SureType and the larger keys of the 8100 to the other devices with full keyboards or touch-screens but nothing beats the ability to do real touch-typing on an external keyboard.

    I also use my Blackberry for entertainment while on the go. Like you, I enjoy music but I also transfer a lot of video from my DVR to watch when I can't be at home. I recently inherited a used 8900 and it's even better for watching video; plus I am starting to get addicted to YouTube. I never really got into any games; the controls for action games are usually clumsy (I'd love an external USB controller!). About the only game I play on the Blackberry is chess.
    I've also read many books with Mobi Pocket Reader.

    I also do most of my web-surfing by phone. I need internet access for work but it's also great for shopping or catching up on the news.

    I have an unusual work schedule but the calendar and tasks tools on the Blackberry have never let me down. I have most of them programmed in so that I don't need to edit them manually like I used to have to do on my old "dumb" cell phone. I haven't needed an alarm clock in years because my Blackberry always wakes me up.

    Oh yeah, and I use my Blackberry for e-mail and phone calls, too. With everything else that it does, I almost forget that I use it a lot for communicating!
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    05-10-10 03:41 AM
  3. sedalia066's Avatar
    Calendar both business and personal.

    E-mail both business and personal.

    Most of my surfing outside work. And inside to do social apps like FaceBook and Twitter which are blocked on our office computers.

    Password storage is invaluable as I have many different passwords. Far too many to try to remember.

    Last but not least phone calls both business and personal. Google Voice handles business calls and voice mail. The cell primary number is kept personal.
    05-10-10 08:09 AM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    What I use it for (and supplemental app if used)

    GPS (TellMe, Garmin Mobile)
    Email (eMobile Email - much better than default)
    Task (eMobile Tasks)
    Project management (eMobile Planner)
    Office documents (eOffice - Blows Docs2Go away)
    Note taking (BBNotepad)
    Bible (YouVersion)
    Phone calls
    Password / account info storage (Ascendo Data Vault)
    A few games (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Nintaii, Lingo)
    List creation (MaraTick)
    Sports Scores and news (Score Mobile)
    Tethering when necessary
    Police / Fire / EMS Radio (BBScanner)
    News (Newspapers app)
    Some browsing.
    Camera in a pinch.
    Fitness assistant (eMobile GPS Fitness)
    Instant Messaging (Yahoo IM, BBM)

    What I do NOT use it for

    Texting (I hate texting)
    Social Networking
    Music / movie player (this is where the BB fails miserably)
    Computer replacement (It simply is not and never will be)
    05-10-10 08:33 AM
  5. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    What do you think blackberry owners use their phones for? lol...
    05-10-10 08:35 AM
  6. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    Phone, SMS/MMS, email, calendar, task lists, browsing, reading books, GPS, weather, blogging, podcasts, music, movies, taking pictures/videos, watching tv, social networking, preparing documents, and more. I use it for everything.
    05-10-10 08:50 AM
  7. phonejunky's Avatar
    For work email, calender, and bbm'ing with co-workers and friends that have them as well. everything else goes on the incredible. I don't even make calls on my Blackberry, oh yea and ubertwitter.
    05-10-10 08:53 AM