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    Do you add notes? How do you remember which entries in the log have notes? It seems that it would be beneficial if the call log would apply a small icon next to each entry in the log that contains notes. That would prevent accidental deletion of important notes. The way it is now, I actually have to highlight a particular entry in the call log, hit menu, then "view history" to see which calls have notes. Then, to see the notes, it becomes necessary to highlight the particular call, press menu, then "edit notes."

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    I use the memo pad while on a call by returning to the home-screen mid call, to save my call notes. That way I can add a subject as well, woul could just add the call info to the subjext / memo body...

    From there then I can just copy and paste it to a callenday event, meeting request / email etc... From the memo pad (or even forward it as an email etc... Without having to mess around in all the call logs...

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