1. chelseytx's Avatar
    next to your name. i have the info filled out, but it is not there.
    12-31-08 10:31 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    It will show up when you refresh the page.
    12-31-08 10:31 AM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    okay, never mind it does now.

    how can i delete this post?
    Click the Edit button, then the Delete button. But you can't delete your first post, since deleting the first post deletes the thread. Only a Mod can do that. I'll delete it for you if you wish, but leaving it for someone else who has the same problem to read is also good.
    12-31-08 10:34 AM
  4. chelseytx's Avatar
    okay, thats fine. if you think it would be good to keep up that it not a problem. thanks!
    12-31-08 10:36 AM