1. championcc23's Avatar
    I currently have an unlocked 8830. My problem is that it was under a cdma account and now i want to use it for gsm. For some reason when I go to enter a number, the "my number" shows a different number than on my sim. I have gone through sim settings to change it and that does not work. Also, I heard i need a MSL code which is a 6 digit pass code. All zeros do not work. Please someone help me and post to me asap. Thanks
    I need to change the "my number" to match my sim card number. How can i get the MSL code or please provide it to me.
    10-17-09 09:32 AM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    If you're in the US, you can't use it on GSM. The 8830 doesn't have the US bands for GSM active. To change CDMA programming you'd need to go into the CDMA programming screen via the MSL code. Dial ##000000 to get there. Bug it won't help you. 8830 is only good for CDMA in the US.
    10-17-09 10:42 AM