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    in options -> status it says i have 53 MB left but media manager from the desktop software always says there is no disk space... i know i should get a memory card for this but i thought i could at least fit a few songs on the on-board before i get around to it?
    01-06-09 10:09 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    The only way to transfer music to your device memory is Roxio Media Manager, a part of the full Desktop tools package.

    You can download it directly from BlackBerry support, the version shipped with the CD does not contain the Media Manager.

    You have a lot of internal memory, but music, pictures and video clips will quickly eat into it and you may have low memory issues.

    A microSD media card is a very good investment.
    01-06-09 10:13 AM
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    The device will not allow you to store music or video files in device memory. You put 3 or 4 .mp3s on there, and your OS will run out of space right quick. If you want to load music or videos, you MUST get a media card.
    01-06-09 10:37 AM
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    Sorry for necro-posting (tho it shows I searched) but I'm running into this same problem on my 8700c. I'm just trying to add a few ~300k-500k images and ~200k ringtones to my handheld and getting the "not enough disk space" error. Looking at my status, it shows over 29mb under File free.

    There's a post above that states the device won't allow you to store media on the device memory, but this phone doesn't have a card slot, and does have folders in the media app for My Ringtones and My Pictures. I've got a half dozen or so in there already each but wanted more. Is there any way to know what the limit is or access the rest of the memory? I know to keep about 12mb free.

    I'm running OS
    11-18-10 03:20 PM
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    Does that model support the Media Application?

    If so, there is a Menu option for Explore, the native file manager. You can view and edit the contents of your device and verify how much memory you have to work with.

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    11-18-10 03:31 PM
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    Ah hah. I've got 5MB total "Device Memory" to play with. So much for 64MB (yes I know that this is for apps, but still, I don't use many so I should be able to use my memory as I see fit.)

    Anyway, this leads to the next question, is there any way to trim down the 2MB of pre-loaded pictures, ringtones, and icons that come with the device? They all show the little lock icon. I don't need 10x colors of BB wallpaper or their other default walpapers taking 20% of my available useful memory, and ringtones icons and mms stuff (which I can't use on AT&T anyway) taking another 20%...

    Thanks again, the quick question/answer capability on a forum like this is gold!
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    11-18-10 04:28 PM
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    My suggestion is to get an updated device. The only way to really have your own music is with an SD card. You can try to delete wallpapers and preloaded ringtones but it won't free up that much.
    11-18-10 04:43 PM
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    I'm getting a new device in a month, but playing (and learning) on this one for now. I'm not looking to add music, but a couple images (mostly photos of my newborn son since the wallet photo album has gone the way of the dinosaur replaced by cell phone images).

    The question was mostly academic - I saw a freespace of almost 30mb but Roxio reported that I was out of memory and I didn't know why. Now I do - the Device Memory isn't the same as the application memory seemingly (though of course all the documentation touts 64mb and doesn't mention only 5mb is available as device memory).

    Now, again as an exercise, I'm interested to learn how to unlock and remove the pre-loaded media. It will be useful in freeing up about 40% of my device memory, and in finding the ringtones I want amongst the long list of annoying midi's.

    Thanks for the advice, but I want to make sure I like the platform on this BB I was given to play with before I commit to one.
    11-18-10 04:50 PM
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    You will find all you need in Memory Optimization Procedure (MOP) thread.


    Short version, the background pictures are stored in a COD file that is loaded with the core software. The simple solution is to remove the file and pick up a couple Mb in the process.

    Ringtone are managed the same way, a COD file, but they are deeply integrated in core software. You can expect a lot of operation issues if they are removed.

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    11-18-10 04:56 PM
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    Seen that but understand it better now. Now I've got it. Now that I know what the Media app is and see the options under it, I was able to simply increase my DML (device memory limit for those finding this in a later search) to 12 or 15mb. Done and done. Thanks again!
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    11-18-10 05:20 PM