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    Im 12 and my mom's rapid charger for her playbook isint working, the charging icon is showing but it's not charging, so i did some Googling and one of her springloaded pins looks as if it had been lowered and i dont have any geek squad intellegince or tools and i wanted to know how to safely raise it without any special tools that no person would have just lying around they're house.
    07-04-15 10:51 AM
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    Usually you just need to trigger the spring again when mine would act up, I'd just jiggle it gently with something pointy.

    If that doesn't work you could try something like a small magnet. But then it's a bit of a lost cause (once it goes back into the housing you will have the same problem). In that case you might be forced to charging via USB.

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    07-04-15 01:35 PM

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