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    Hello all,

    How would I be able to get language support for Inuktitut? I assume it would have to be something that I develop since I doubt RIM has ever considered supporting a minority language from Canada. I'd like to be able to "BBM" with my contacts in my own language. Is there a language API perhaps? In case anyone is wondering MS word has what are called the nunacom font, pigiarniq font and others that enable us to write in Inuktitut. So it shouldn't be too hard to "tack" it on to my blackberry.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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    11-21-12 10:58 PM
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    I really don't see this as being possible at this moment. Pigiarniq is a unicode font that only works with Word/ limited Windows Support right now. They still have support for Excel and other W-Apps as 'Coming', I don't think it's possible to type Inuktitut syllabic characters in BBM or anywhere. As you know, apart from the actual fonts, you would also need to install the keyboard drivers in order for it to work (on a PC), I wouldn't even know where to direct you.

    Have you tried posting this question in the BlackBerry Community Support Forums? http://supportforums.blackberry.com/...lSupportForums You may be able to get some help there.

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    11-22-12 11:47 AM
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    Thanks a lot for replying. Unfortunately I could not find any help on the Blackberry support forums also.

    11-23-12 06:46 PM

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