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    We all know you like bb10 (or android or both). If you didn't you wouldn't be here. But what about those _other_ operating systems - mobile or desktop. The brands you don't buy....

    First step to curing fanboyism is to say something nice about everything you don't use. Something about apple, Microsoft, google and their OSs that you love (or hardware if you like). If your against bb10, throw that in their too. Just to put a bit of balance in there.

    Just 1 thing, the best and most generous and fair thing you can think of about each of "the other" OS's the ones you usually bag on.

    And 1 BAD thing about the platforms you love, the ones you usually champion.

    I'll sound off later, when the thread is rolling
    04-06-17 05:51 AM
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    No replies yet. Okay I'll start it off then.


    Apple: Great hardware build quality. OSX app taskbar is nice, and the commandlines is elegant. iOS has the most high quality software of any mobile platform - some of it approaches desktop quality and power, especially in enterprise

    Google; Android - Well I like android well enough, but sometimes I rag on it. It has the most customizable interface of any mobile OS, and the broadest app selection. Google's drive is fairly good as a cloud service, and google search has a great algorithm. I'm also a big fan of google+ Its higher brow, lower in trolls, intelligent articles and great for tech enthusiasts, scientists, programmers artists and the like. With android, I like than you can tinker with the Linux script, and the technical side in a rooted phone.


    Microsoft: There implementation of windows mobile so far has been poor. Windows 8 was a turd. The fact that windows 10 only half converted control panel to settings is definitely a bit lame. And that it comes loaded with ads that you have to take out. Tablet mode might be great for a phone, but who actually uses it on a tablet? Easier to scale up desktop and have start menu full screen. Also, their free cloud drive offering, while decent, is a tiny amount of space. OMG paperclip! goddamn paperclip.

    Blackberry - BB10: Where to even start? Security paranoia isn't optional - ie you can't just get a keyboard phone with a nice UI, you need crazy stuff like anti-theft preventing OS rollbacks, and a browser who's been smoking way too much weed. If you deal in corporate secrets I understand the paronia - but can't this be optional? Normal people do not need this. Especially technically competent people.
    Native apps nobody wants to use, that you can't uninstall. Big one, is a lack of follow through, no support, dropped OS. There was never really any decent plan for how to get developers onboard, or how to broaden their base. Blackdroid - who knows, haven't used it, probably won't, but if it has the hub etc, it'll probably fall more on my "praises" than my "rags on" side, and I have no idea whats wrong with it. Even my first BB the curve, was a nightmare in most ways. The battery would only recognise if you dropped it a certain angle. My q5 had a runtime that crashes and wouldn't uninstall android apps, from when I purchased it. I had to autoload it to fix it.

    I really need to spend more time with an iOS device. Particularly an ipad, rather than the phone, check out some of that software. I don't much favour their closed system approach, but to be completely impartial I should give it more of a spin than I have.
    04-06-17 06:28 AM
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    What is the point of this?
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    04-06-17 08:02 AM
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    What is the point of this?
    It's in the title "How to cure a fanboy"

    Its an exercise in how to see past ones biases, and like most things on any internet forum, its a chance to discuss things, and generally waste ones time.

    You can balance out your perception, and find others with differing views easier to relate to.

    In that respect its probably more pointful than many things on the internet.

    Consider it an AA meeting for sorts for rabid OS enthusiasts.
    04-06-17 08:11 AM
  5. donnation's Avatar
    Yeah good luck with this thread lol.
    04-06-17 08:15 AM
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    I can think of a lot of pointful things on the internet like cats!

    Via Pasta CB10
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    04-06-17 08:15 AM
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    Yeah good luck with this thread lol.

    You think people here are too set in their ways to see the positives of OS's they don't use?
    04-06-17 08:16 AM
  8. Drael646464's Avatar
    I can think of a lot of pointful things on the internet like cats!

    Via Pasta CB10
    Cats do have several points. I don't know how many exactly, but its more than a few - cat's aren't afraid to let you know they have them.
    04-06-17 08:18 AM
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    You think people here are too set in their ways to see the positives of OS's they don't use?
    You must be new here.
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    04-06-17 08:21 AM
  10. Drael646464's Avatar
    You must be new here.
    I am yes. Well all the more need for this thread then!
    04-06-17 08:43 AM
  11. thurask's Avatar
    I am yes. Well all the more need for this thread then!
    Bless your heart.
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    04-06-17 09:04 AM

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