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    I am trying to reduce the "cloud" footprint I create by using Google. I want to move all of my google contacts and google calendar items to my local blackberry contacts and calendar and quit using Google as a repository for all of my sensitive data. I am already using google contacts and calendar as the default on my device, but want to stop that practice ASAP. I am a business user and want to keep my dealings private and confidential by keeping them within my device and whatever I may connect to via Blend and save via regular backups. Thanks in advance for your help.
    07-06-15 11:54 AM
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    You are going backwards I think. I've helped people go the other direction, not backwards in time. (I almost never recommend Gmail though because of the evil privacy rape) Having everything synced to a server allows you to use multiple devices to access the same info.

    I'm not sure how you would do it. Probably import the contacts from Gmail into Outlook and then sync with the phone.

    Calendar might be harder. See if Gmail can export calendar data and then go from there.
    07-07-15 04:16 AM
  3. Chris Canis's Avatar

    Thanks for the reply. I am definitely going backwards. It truly is the privacy issues with Google that are motivating me to step back from the cloud. I appreciate the ideas.

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    07-07-15 12:11 PM
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    Depending upon how many contacts you have, you could open a VCF file for each person & save to local contacts 'I think'.

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    07-08-15 11:14 PM
  5. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    I also would like to go backwards. I recently took at the google dashboard for my account and was shocked by the number of google products I have.

    Exporting the contacts to outlook has the disadvantage of not bringing the photos. I read somewhere that an idea would be to log to the "peoples" app (android phone) and from there, exporting as a vcf file (vcard). Vcard can store also the contact photos but im not familiar with how to import in bb10.

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    Quite a few apps on BBW allow you to export/backup and IMPORT vcf-files, a good one is Contact X. Dev responded and made fix available via update for a prob I once had.

    How can I move all Google contacts and calendar items to BlackBerry calendar/contacts?-img_20150709_142114.png
    How can I move all Google contacts and calendar items to BlackBerry calendar/contacts?-img_20150709_142058.png

    Try that. The file is large (several MB) if you have more than an few contact pictures in there, if it's only pure contacts data without pics, it's only a few (dozen to few hundred) kilobytes.


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    07-08-15 11:25 PM
  6. grahamf's Avatar
    I would recommend creating an outlook.com account then importing the contacts into that one before syncing with your Blackberry. I've found local contacts to be pretty flakey.
    07-09-15 01:17 AM

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