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    Okay, so. I bought my Curve in February, and now I want the Tour when it comes out! My sister just got a Curve last month because she "really doesn't care what phone she has, as long as she can text on it", even though I told her the new one was coming out soon. (my plan was to pay her to trade) And my Mom's Centro was bought sometime in early 2008. Is there any way to get Sprint to sell me a tour at the 2 year price on any of these lines? And also, on the Sprint site under my Mom's number, it says "You are eligible for $75.00 off" and when I contacted a Sprint CSR over internet chat, she said that I could upgrade that phone now for the 2 year price. But when I click "Upgrade Phone" the "Your Price" shown next to the phone deffinetely isn't a 2 year price. Is the CSR lying, or is the computer system lying? Based on this knowledge, can anyone figure out how I can get Sprint to sell me a Tour at 2 year price when it comes out? Thanks a ton.
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    If the csr said you can do it, call them when the tour is released to get it for the 2 year price. Sometimes csr can offer a better deal. Good luck!

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    Try this, when the Tour is released wait a few weeks and go to Best Buy. Tell them you want to extend your contract and the will give you the 2yr agreement price. Last June was my 1 year upgrade date. I had the Razr and got my Curve for $168. That's my plan. How about this go to best buy and ask for yourself if they will honor a 2yr upgrade on a 1 year. They have even price matched a good friend of mine. She got a free AT&T because it was advertised online. Try it out.
    06-25-09 03:02 AM