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    All of our corporate clients get email from our Exchange server through our corporate BES. This morning, a Blackberry (on which email was working properly) started prompting for a user and password for Office Communicator Server. I cannot figure out how to force the device back to Exchange based e-mail, even after running Enterprise Activation again. We tried all the reboots, etc., but cannot make the change. The user does not have DTM installed and the device has not been connected to any computer since initial activation. He was sending and receiving emails properly until this morning.

    The last thing I tried was to wipe the BB, install the latest DTM on a lpatop, install the latest device software on the laptop and then connect the Blackberry to the laptop to update the device software to the BB. Then we tried a fresh Enterprise Activation. Still no joy.

    Any suggestions?
    12-10-09 06:07 PM