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    Hi everyone !

    After Reset My BB z10 Device - i installed OS Through Autoload - Z10_10.3.03.2049_STL100-1

    After Successfully installed the OS - Re-start the Device and its show me Device Setup -

    - First i Select Language
    - Then Country
    - Then Agreement
    - And Next Step is Connect to Network Data Connection or WiFi
    - i just Connect My WiFi

    But its not show me the NEXT to Button To Complete The Setup

    its show me only Previous Button - My WiFi internet is Already Connected - Please Help me !

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    12-31-16 11:45 PM
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    To the best of my knowledge, the OS you updated to is not compatible with the Z10 stL100-1. Your better off to reload your prior operating system.
    01-01-17 03:43 AM
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    Unfortunately, once in 10.3.3 xxxx there's no going back to 10.3.2.xxxx

    This link will take you to a page made by Thurask ( one of our smart guys)

    Go down the list of names to the first Z10 7zip.

    right click and download As ZIP
    in the lower left corner click on the round "thingy" and you can watch( but don't touch) the file being prepared .
    When it's finished it will automatically download to your computer.

    I understand that your WiFi "internet" is set up. But you have to understand that your mobile device is NOT set up
    You have to go into setting and do some setting up!!
    So,when you're back in set up skip the WiFi but it's important to set up your mobile network (carrier) which is automatic.

    This may be helpful.
    As always you do this at your own risk Blah Blah Blah and so on ans so forth.
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    01-01-17 03:57 AM

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