1. BobH2's Avatar
    I recently moved from a BB10 Passport to an Android Key2.
    The calendar has two sets of items in it. One is black and identified as "Blackberry Content Transfer". The other is light blue and is identified by my gmail account. All new items have been still going in as "Blackberry Content Transfer".

    I guess at this point, the best way to back up calendar items is to Google. I don't like sending them to Google, but it is what it is.

    Problem is, I don't see how to move my calendar history (which I would like to preserve) to the google account so they can be backed up. The Blackberry Content Transfer app won't allow me to back up to my Google Drive either (it wants a "new device before it will work".)

    Any tips?

    03-07-19 03:54 PM
  2. Terry Zanger's Avatar
    sorry i can't help but my wife just lost all her photos transferring from her Q10 to a priv using the google drive method. i guess that's why i have not yet adopted the cloud concept.
    06-11-19 10:11 PM

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