1. Woodzy_1's Avatar
    I was woundering how to back up my BB, cause i thought about uploading the O.S 5.0. and i dont want to lose anything?
    11-14-09 05:12 PM
  2. Username00089's Avatar
    Use Desktop Manager. When you open DM while your phone is connected you'll
    see the "Backup/Restore" icon.

    Maybe a bit off-topic, but if you don't know how to backup your phone to begin
    with it's probably a bad idea to try to install a beta OS, let alone 5.0

    I wouldn't do it...
    11-14-09 05:34 PM
  3. Woodzy_1's Avatar
    alright, well i backed it up, and i upgraded my phone from the 4.0 or something to the 4.5, so i might upload it to 5.0 so idk yet i just want to know more about it.
    11-14-09 05:42 PM