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    happy that this birthday I have received a gift, kindle fire, but totally I am a bookworm so the memory storage is not enough for me. However that will be really frustrating if I need to drop the old books and add new one, I am looking for a means to backup my books on other places.(the books are said drm protected), what should I do with this?
    09-13-12 04:07 AM
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    as it said that drm protected books do not allow our readers copying or backuping. If the readers want to backup them, first, we need to strip the drm limitation.thus you need a professional and ultimate software to help you.
    Search "epubsoft ebook converter"
    after you have succeeded in removing the drm restriction, you can now backup the books on any other devices you like.
    09-13-12 04:09 AM
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    Buddy, why not use the Amazon Cloud Drive which let you save ur local storage space and access ur files anywhere.

    A good iTunes DRM removal program.
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    09-13-12 08:59 PM