10-20-09 08:36 AM
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    Don't know what college you attend but here and we do have a university in my town, I see several pearl flips. All the college students talk on their phones driving down the highway and especially the pink 8230 stands out big time.
    PLUS BB DOESNOT OFFER SLIDER!! And come on candy bar! Bar phones have been around since the dawn of cell phones I guess your candy bar refers to those tiny nokia phones BB won't be getting that small, full qwerty boards or even the half qwerty wepilf require a toothpick to press the buttons! Besides my 47 tear old aunt has one of those. It is a basic real dumb phone so that means OLD PEOPLE phone!
    Please lay off the weed kids you are killing brain cells way too fast!

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    10-20-09 06:24 AM
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    Very interesting thread. I think the Iphone is attractive to young people because of graphics, ease of use, and the tie-in to the top online music store in the world, I-Tunes. If I was trying to sell the Blackberry over the Iphone, I'd look to point out all the cool stuff you can do with a Blackberry. How they are much to easier to use now than they used to be. Tout apps like BerryBuzz, where you can have the phone flashing color lights at you, the various themes that you can use to make your phone your own, even suggest Crackberry, where you can interact with users all over the word. I don't think I'd like the Blackberry as much if it weren't for these characteristics. I was definately a "I'd have a Iphone if it were available on Verizon" type, but I am not so sure now that I would give up the BB to get an Iphone.

    The OP says it's not trying to compare devices, but rather a concept, a mentality. If you do so, you need to attack the cool factor of using a Iphone versus using a Blackberry. Iphone commericials focus on apps for a reason. They make the phone easy and cool to use. What makes a Blackberry cool and easy to use? Themes, flashing color lights, ringtones, wallpaper (like does an Iphone even have custom wallpaper???), a major online forum like Crackberry to interact with users all over, the instant messaging of BBM, etc. Oh, and yeah, by the way, it can do everything that a cell phone user needs to have a good PDA.

    The Blackberry is a very useful device AND a cool device, too. The "other phone" (to emphasize concept versus brand) is perhaps just a cool device. So, with a Blackberry, you can have both. A commercial could focus on both perspectives of the device, for example, a sequence where you have a college kid showing off his new theme to his fellow classmates, then through a series of activities, jumps on the internet to research a topic, fires off an email, and checks his schedule of classes, all the while he has the teacher on speakerphone! Like, "look people, I can text, email, surf the internet, show off my cool theme, while I am on the phone! Try that on the "other phone"!"

    In the end, I think the Iphone trumps every other phone because of its cool factor and ease of use. Whether your selling Blackberry or WinMo or Droid or Pre or any other phone, you'll need to attack the cool factor and ease of use to compete with the iPhone in the younger segment of your market. IMHO.
    10-20-09 07:25 AM
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    You're right about Boost in most areas of the country. I live in NYC and they cater to the urban market. Data speed leaves much to be desired but voice reception is great. Literally haven't had a single dropped call (yet).
    10-20-09 08:36 AM
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