1. hurds's Avatar
    iOS or android
    Android or BB7
    BB7 or iOs
    BB10 or BB7

    How about and?

    People will say that we should have a device that does everything. That's ideal but I don't think I'll ever have a device that does everything I want perfectly. I know I carry two cell phones, but I just use one for music and don't have an active plan and I know I am not the only one who has multiple devices. Just look at people's device lists.

    So shouldn't we accept the fact that one device may be a thing of the past and its not of question of this 'or' that but this 'and' that? We'd probably argue less, but I guess that wouldn't be as fun.
    06-02-12 02:11 AM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    For me it isn't financially prudent to carry more than one device. My single BlackBerry bill with discounts is already $68/month.

    So while I would love to carry all three platforms, I have to pick which one is best.

    Plus, I usually only have one free pocket (keys in one pocket).

    I thought about keeping my Android and using it on wifi. But in the end I want to keep things simple if possible, and so off it went. I also considered getting an iPod Touch for iMessage.

    I do see folks carry two (or more) phones though. It's just not for me.
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    06-02-12 02:20 AM
  3. hurds's Avatar
    I can agree with you there Chrisy. Not for everyone. I've started to just carry one phone more and more often. I previous phone screen cracked and decided to try a BB and I've found I like the devices for different reasons and I think for me its been more of 'this and that' device instead of or.
    06-02-12 02:25 AM
  4. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    The majority of people I know are multi-platform users. Not all of them carry more than one device at a time, but they own more than one.

    I have a BlackBerry 9900, that's my phone, messages, etc etc etc. I will never NOT have a BlackBerry.

    I have an iPhone and a Nexus S (both on wifi only)... pretty much just so I can play a few games and check out the competition. I don't carry them with me when I go out.

    I have a PlayBook, which is my primary tablet. I also have an iPad 2 and a Touchpad (with Android installed).

    While it would be nice to have one device to rule them all, I don't see it happening. You know the old saying about pleasing all of the people all of the time --it just doesn't happen.

    I'm all for a little more 'and' and a lot less 'or'.
    06-02-12 03:19 AM
  5. hhy2k's Avatar
    Thaks for this post, I thought I am the only crazy one...

    9900, 9700, playbook, touchpad (webOS and ICS), veer, galaxy nexus, incredible S, pantech pocket and an iPod...
    06-02-12 07:17 PM
  6. antheauxny's Avatar
    I have a iPhone 4S & I'm currently waiting for y Bold 9930 to come in the mail in a few days.
    The BB will be my main phone & my iPhone will be a wifi device.
    Most of my friends have iPhone so I'm keeping it to use iMessage & what not.
    I don't think I take them both with me tho. The only place I'd take both to is classes, because wifi on my college campus is GREAT lol.

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    06-02-12 07:21 PM
  7. gtpointer's Avatar
    Whilst getting to know/owning other platforms is good, hopefully BB10 will negate the NEED for another platform...but we'll see, depends whether they get the apps and media services in...
    06-02-12 07:23 PM
  8. louzer's Avatar
    It also depends on if your carrier is GSM or CDMA. I'm on Sprint which is CDMA so there is a degree of hassle in switching phones if you want 1 plan and multiple phones. If your carrier is GSM, you can simply swap your SIM card from phone to phone and switch as you wish.

    I'm with most of you with your 'and' scenarios. I use a Blackberry as a primary phone and my Playbook to complement it. I also bought a used HTC Evo 4g with an extended battery that I will never activate, but use on wifi. I basically bought it to be soley a Skype device but it rarely leaves the house.
    06-03-12 01:14 AM
  9. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I'd love to have a BB, Android and iPhone to go along with my Windows Phone. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening unless I get a job with one of the carriers.

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    06-03-12 01:26 AM
  10. kill_9's Avatar
    For me it isn't financially prudent to carry more than one device. My single BlackBerry bill with discounts is already $68/month.
    Goodness your monthly wireless services invoice is a bargain. My monthly invoice, including fees and taxes, is approximately CAD250.00. Granted my wireless services includes a MiFi data plan and wireless carrier Internet access data plan for my home office. Someone has to finance Rogers Wireless / Communication deployment of LTE.
    06-03-12 01:40 AM
  11. Chrisy's Avatar
    Oh wow, that's a lot! I just have 450 voice and unlimited data though.

    No text plan or anything extra. I thought mine was expensive though!
    06-03-12 01:45 AM
  12. bbzak's Avatar
    Agreed. Multi platform is the way forward.

    I would soon have an Android with my BB 9900. But, both wouldnt last full day on a single charge, hence I will be carrying a 9780 for the full day endurance. And for plane jane phone calls, there would be a basic Nokia too.
    Yes. That's 4 devices. 2 will stay always in the pocket and my hand. The other 2 stays in the car when I'm out and on my table when I'm at home or office.

    Tablets are a different story.
    I have a PB 64 and it is my primary tablet. Nothing comes close to the bridge!
    I enjoy it more than any other tablets I have owned/tried. But I keep my PB in my work bag.
    06-03-12 02:24 AM
  13. Stewartj1's Avatar
    There is no one perfect device so I chose the one that works best for me.

    Can't afford multiple devices.
    06-03-12 05:06 AM
  14. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    iOS or android
    Android or BB7
    BB7 or iOs
    BB10 or BB7
    How about and?
    D.L.N.A, aka "give and take".
    06-03-12 05:18 AM
  15. Crude Berry's Avatar
    Carry 2 phones for work, my personal iPhone 4 and a work dumbphone. Its a pain in the rear! By my choice I wouldnt carry more then 1 phone.
    06-03-12 07:49 AM
  16. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I, along with several others have stated many times in posts.....there is no "perfect", do all device. I choose to use A BlackBerry device(s) because it comes the closest to MY overall needs and wants. For me carrying two or more devices is not an option, something to do with not looking like Batmans utility belt . To each his/her own, use what makes you HAPPY
    06-03-12 08:03 AM