1. plexus's Avatar
    With 10.3 baking, how about some enhancements to the NFC side of things to make it more useful? For example, in the triggers section, there's currently no way of setting ringer volume to maximum. Also, how about adding a hotspot trigger so that if I have a tag on my laptop and I'm on the road, I can instantly fire up WiFi access for it? Reading tag data and saving it (including hex viewer)? Cloning tags? Bedside mode?

    These would be trivial features to add but would greatly enhance the OS.
    04-11-14 05:46 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    Interesting thoughts. Sounds good to me. We shall see...

    Via CB10. Bits, C000C6078 for links to science and technology posts and world news.
    04-11-14 06:44 AM

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