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    Hello Guys this is a shot in the dark but here it goes.... I am new to Crackberry member and as most of you guys know the recession has arrived(insert scary music) lol.

    I was wondering if anyone here works in HR or was aware of a good job opportunity in marketing/ corporate communications/Public Relations. I have 7 years management level experience in those fields. I was co-founder of an eBay dropoff business www.wehustle4you.com (google it). I know its a stretch and a bit unorthodox to post myself looking for a job on crackberry.com but there is no shame in my game . I think its pretty safe to assume that most blackberry owners are executives or management level individuals or entrepreneurs of a sort. I,ve always been an advocate for networking in any environment and believe that we can always take opportunities to be a blessing to others.

    Thanks in advance for your help shoot me a pm with your email or contact info (BB pin) if you can assist.
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