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    I have BB Curve 8330 and a few months ago set up the link to my Hotmail account. In the last month I have received in my BB inbox emails that were sent by me as long ago as six years ago. It was sort of good but wierd to receive a nice email from a friend which she had sent me six years ago; but she is now dead. Rogue item #2: Some of the emails that are showing up in my BB inbox are coming from my Sent files in my Hotmail archive. Especially one that I forgot about which I had sent to some people that is now totally embarrassing showed up in my inbox a few weeks ago, and I had to write each of them and tell them that I had received a copy of that embarrassing email and that I apologized if they who were the original recipients also received a copy. Nobody wrote back, so either they did not get an email, or they are so incensed that they may never write me again. OUCH. I do not want to delete all my archived Hotmail emails. I don't know why those emails that I have sent to other people are now showing up in my BB inbox. Has any tech person from Blackberry figured this out? Again, I have thousands of archived emails, both ones that I have sent and that I have received; I do not want to delete them from Hotmail. I only want current emails to be synched with my BB. Thanks for any help!!!
    04-25-11 06:01 PM