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    Hey addicts, I haven't seen any threads on this within the past 6 months or so so I'm hoping for better news.. BUT.. I switched to WP7 on launch day back in November. I love a lot of things about it, but this isn't the thread for that. Problem is, it's not a Blackberry.. so I'm back on my Torch. Here's the problem -

    I have my BB synced with my Hotmail accounts, but it won't sync my contacts. I saw a thread from back in like May saying that it was a problem that BIS3.1 would correct, but I don't know what that means and I'm hoping it would have been fixed by now. When I go into the email settings for the Hotmail account, the box is checked for "sync contacts" so I don't see where the problem is.

    I know I can export the contacts to a number of different services and import them using another method, but I shouldn't have to do that. The option is there for me to sync my Hotmail contacts but it's not working. Why is this? Halp me plz. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

    01-15-11 03:22 PM
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    Anyone? Hotmail's the most popular email service in the world, this can't possibly an uncommon problem..

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    01-15-11 06:50 PM
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    Its not a problem its very clear: NOT supported at the moment.

    From what I read it was suggested that it would come out with BIS 3.1 or 3.2. but it didnt. So far its only possible to sync contacts and calender with GoogleMail.

    Unless Hotmail is the biggest piublic mail service, I hope this will come up with BIS 3.3/4.

    I have tried to find more information about futher BIS versions, but currently there is no information.

    I was in the need to device to go for gmail or hotmail. I went for hotmail, because the hotmail is (with the hotmail connector) better to integrate into Outlook 2010.

    Hopefully the 2-way sync will be improved as well

    Edit: By the way, you should people time respond to you post. Less than one day for an follow up post is really "abuse"
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    01-15-11 06:59 PM
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    I've read this several times, even before. But nobody was able to proove this or tell exactly how to set it up.

    According to the offical RIM documentation it is not suppored with BIS 3.2 at the moment.

    So how are you sure, that contacts comming via Hotmail/BIS (over-the-air)? Is there any option to enable the contact sync?

    I dont think this is true.

    However I did try to reset up my hotmail account with no success.
    01-24-11 04:58 PM
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    Have you tried logging into BIS from a computer's browser and seeing if under the "Synchronize" section "Contacts" is a choice?

    I don't use Hotmail, but for Yahoo, there's a choice to synch my Contacts and Deleted Items over the air.

    I access BIS through a PC browser by googling "Blackberry Internet Service" plus my provider's name. Usually the top link. Once logged in, click Edit next the the email account you want to change and see if that option is there to turn on.
    01-24-11 05:40 PM
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    Have you tried logging into BIS from a computer's browser and seeing if under the "Synchronize" section "Contacts" is a choice?
    For me there is neither nor. And also nobody has been able to post screen thats tells me different.

    But even if you dont see the Option on the BIS Website to sync deleted items, feature to delete a email is supported fom BIS to BB (but not the other way around).
    01-25-11 12:17 PM
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    You see, that was what I was looking for, even if there is no screen for hotmail contact sync.

    01-26-11 03:50 PM
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    this SOLUTION doesn't require google or other software:

    1. CHECK that all your contacts are in WLM.
    2. DELETE all contacts in (User name)/Contacts
    3. CREATE new folder (any name) in My Documents.
    4. EXPORT all WLM contacts AS VCARDS TO new folder.
    5. in (User name)/Contacts IMPORT all contacts FROM new folder.

    as you'll notice, contacts have been imported as .contact files, not vcards.

    6. connect blackberry and start Desktop Manager.
    7. SYNC one way to computer all contacts on Blackberry.
    8. merge, add or delete any cards/information as wished.
    9. SYNC one way from computer to Blackberry.

    all information is now synced. in future you can two sync between the two.

    note: any future changes you make to WLM contacts will have to be added to Blackberry in same way (steps 1 through 5)

    this is not ideal, and not true sync, but it does work, it avoids manually entering data, and it will do until MS and BB get their act together.

    03-12-11 10:34 AM
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    I have OS7 but hotmail contacts are not synching...is that normal because i remember they use to sync with my old torch on OS6
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    01-19-12 04:14 PM
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    Export for hotmail contacts by way of .cvs onto your computer with the blackberry desktop manager, import them into your phone. I exported mine into outlook.
    01-19-12 09:30 PM
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    Why does Blackberry always seem to make the simplest functions so difficult and complicated. No wonder BB is losing marketshare. I'm switching to an Android phone. I'm tired of constantly having to surf the internet to find out why I can't do certain things on my BB. I'm finished with BB.
    03-22-13 10:42 AM