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    Two quick questions for the community:

    1. Using BIS, when I set a "reply-to" email address in my hotmail account, it does not actually appear as if my emails are coming from the "reply-to" address or show up as "From: x@hotmail.com on behalf of y@z.com." I had hotmail set up for a few months on a work blackberry a year ago and I could have sworn that setting up a "reply-to" address for my hotmail resulted in that address showing up in the "From" field. Does anyone else have this issue, or know how to fix it?

    2. Its my understanding that Gmail access through BIS uses the IMAP Idle methodology - and that there is a bug that shuts off push email after a period of time (my forum account is too new to allow URLs, but google "IMAP Idle Bug BIS" and it should be the first listing). Does this bug still exist for Gmail under the latest BIS?

    08-30-09 01:20 AM