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    Still waiting on my bold to come in the mail, but researching the **** out of how to mimic my current functionality when I get it.

    So, is hosted exchange the only real solution for an individual to get OTA two-way syncing of their email/contacts/calendars? Seems expensive to get a @$20/mo hosted exchange/bes solution, plus an extra $15 for a BES plan (AT&T), just to get the same functionality available to every other smart phone out there. Is there a how-to or something explaining any other solution? I've been searching the **** out of google but everything I'm finding is from 2006/2007 and I feel like something has had to improve by now (??)...

    I have my corporate email on exchange. We do not have BES at work, but they do allow OWA. Is there no way to have a hosted exchange service with BES, and somehow sync your hosted exchange email with your work exchange email over OWA? Then I can just interact over BES with my hosted solution and have it sync with my work account? Giving the appearance of syncing with the work account? That make sense?

    Thanks in advance for the help,
    08-09-09 03:32 PM