1. aathomas's Avatar
    Who has the best prices for hosted BES?

    I am approaching the end of my two year contract and will be getting a new phone, currently have Samsung Blackjack I upgraded to WM6. I am looking at all of the upcoming smartphones trying to decide what to get. Currently I am using the beta of Microsoft Online Services for hosted exchange with exchange activesync support. When that goes live ( and for money) I may be looking at new host for my email. As I have fallen for having email/contacts/calendar synced ota I would like to know who has be best deal as staying with ms and using astrasync at this point looks a little half baked.
    11-11-08 12:42 AM
  2. Sonicjay's Avatar
    I'm using Sherweb.com; I found them through an article I read. Their hosted Exchange is $8/mo, and the hosted BES is $10/mo on top of that. Pretty happy with them so far.
    11-11-08 09:37 AM