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    After a couple of years of IPhone I have this week returned to a BB (9780).

    I'll admit it was an impulse decision after some iPhone frustrations and I am a little surprised that 2 years on that IMAP and OTA syncing is still a royal pain in the behind on BB and this has soured an otherwise happy return.

    I have been a long time mobileme user to however with this disappearing soon I am having to look at other options for my calendar, contact and general cloud requirements. I have been considering an exchange account. I have one email address with google apps and a number hosted with 1and1.

    My question is that as a private individual/one one business what is the easiest way of setting up my BB with BES so I can get contacts calendar sync etc? There seem to be a few option when I google this but nothing 100% clear.

    Help appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    07-16-11 05:59 AM
  2. mobibiz's Avatar
    I'd say if you check out AppRiver's hosted exchange and BES solutions, you would find it suitable. I personally use their services and I fine them quite satisfactory
    07-16-11 06:40 AM