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    Kevin posted a hierarchy for his needs, now I'm curious as to what everyone else's are.

    What are the top most important features that you value in your phone?

    For me:
    1. Processor - I want my phone to be fast, and a processor is the basis for powering everything your phone does.
    2. Picture/video quality - I take a lot of photos and videos on my phone. I can say it's fun and satisfying to use a quality camera.
    3. Display - ever since I saw the display on the phone I use now, there's no going back. Plus pixelation can be tiresome.
    4. OS - obviously the way my phone works and interacts with me is the grounds for your whole experience. I will never use Android.
    5. Ease of use/integration - easy, seamless access to my music and apps. Integration goes hand-in-hand. Kinda goes with OS.
    6. Battery - this one isn't usually something that stresses me out, but I wouldn't forfeit any battery power.
    7. Aesthetics - the way my phone looks means a lot to me. Shallow consumer. Big deal.
    8. Connectivity - I never thought I'd be concerned with 4G, but as time goes on I wish for super fast internet speeds more and more.

    Alright, this is all I got for now. Even still, this isn't 100% in order; I'd have to sit down and really analyze my needs but it's still accurate enough(I may have even completely missed a big one). Assuming every one of my 'needs' is at least up to par(if my phone had a 4" display with 480x360 my Display 'need' would probably be #1), I'd say it's about 80% or so, I dunno, give or take. For the record, my current phone is excellent and I love it.

    What is your Hierarchy of Needs?
    08-23-11 01:41 AM