1. AJUK's Avatar
    As my username suggests i am from England. Using this forum as there isnt alot of Blackberry support over here in the UK as yet as they are relatively new over here.

    Basically i am thinking of getting an 8310- BUT i had heard rumours that if they were second hand used, and the previous user had already set up the email and email accounts it is really hard to change and creates all sorts of problems.

    Is that true? I am trying to find a brand new one but because they are quite rare, they are expensive.

    02-25-09 05:37 AM
  2. wnm's Avatar
    Before you purchase, get all the information, PIN, email accounts, etc. and check with your carrier to make sure there will not be any conflicts. The current user can and should delete the email accounts.
    02-25-09 06:48 AM
  3. bx2md's Avatar
    I do believe you can whipe the device clean and you shouldent have any problems ...
    unless the device has had problems prior as water damage and so on
    02-25-09 06:56 AM
  4. TexasTrainer254's Avatar
    Just get a new one, the prices haved dropped since the 8900,9000 have come out.
    02-25-09 07:52 AM