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    Hi and thanks for opening this thread to try and help me!!!

    I am female so please be gentle with me.

    I am new to the Blackberry phone and currently using a pearl 8120 and have a few questions to start with.........

    1 how can i get my number showing to someone i am calling? its currently saying unknown number and i would like it to show my number.

    2 how can i download my text messages onto a pc? the software that come with the phone there is no where to download them only upload music etc.

    That is all for now and i am waiting patiently for anyone to help me.

    Thanks in advance X
    03-12-08 06:59 AM
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    Hi & welcome to CB!

    Go to options, advanced options, sim card then hit the menu key & select edit sim phone number, enter your number there then exit to save.

    Don't think you can download sms to your pc.

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    03-12-08 07:05 AM
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    Welcome to CB, Miss.
    I believe you can forward an SMS to an email address, but it's one at a time.

    and we're always gentle.
    03-12-08 07:13 AM
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    03-12-08 07:14 AM
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    Chaz is right, call up the message you want to keep, hit the menu key and select forward as then select email.

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    03-12-08 07:20 AM
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    its a kinder, gentler crack
    03-12-08 08:09 AM
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    There is a PC software "ABC Amber IPD Converter" which read and extract your SMS from an *.ipd backup file. It is not free, but worth it in a pinch if needed.

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    03-12-08 08:20 AM
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    Welcome to the forums....


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    03-12-08 08:20 AM
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    Welcome Newbie!
    03-12-08 08:36 AM
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    Hiii Welcome to CB
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    Welcome newbie !

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    03-12-08 08:45 AM
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    welcome to CB & enjoy THE best customer service (here on this site)
    03-12-08 09:00 AM
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    Welcome to CB! Enjoy!
    03-12-08 09:15 AM
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    Wow Thankyou everyone for all the replies and welcoming me but...

    Hazysky i did what you said and it still saying unknown number to the person i am calling.

    Does anyone else have any ideas why it is doing it?

    Thanks in advance XX
    03-13-08 05:00 AM
  15. Darryn's Avatar
    I usually do a batch email type thingo for sms.
    I create a new email then copy and paste all the smss to the body using the enter key to leave a gap in between each.
    it is very time consuming but travelling on the bus for 2 hours a day means i have the time.

    Press the "phone" button
    press menu
    click options
    click general options
    set "restrict my identity" to "off"
    set "show my number" to yes
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    03-13-08 06:36 AM
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    i am going to blaspheme here but my nolia pc suite software allowed for linking to the pc for outlook sync and music/media transfer as does the DM.

    But the suite also allowed for using the pc to read and transmit sms messages [via the phone] thus meaning at work i could simply connect to the pc and not touch the phone other than calls.

    Software like this would be good.
    03-13-08 07:51 AM
  17. aapierre's Avatar
    is there a feature on the 8310 that allows me to see what apps are running at each time.

    e.g. on my pc i can hold down Alt + Tab and it will show what apps are running and allow me to choose what i want.

    This would be a good feature on the BB as it would mean i could ensure that apps are closed properly. I ask this cos i sometimes experienced leaving a browser open on my nokia and wanted to avoid that on my BB
    03-13-08 07:54 AM