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    okay hey guys, Happy holidays I hope that everyone had a good one, or is having a good one. okay so. I just opened a HelloKitty email account (i know, let me be lol ) and I wanted to know if it was possible to have it link on to my bb i tried it already and it said no, they sent me a how to, but I can't figure out what server it uses? I tried imap and pop and it doesn't do it. I could pay 5 bucks to get it fwded to another address from them, but i wanted it directly, that doesn't exist with it, cause it fwds? or? like the way the crackberry email fwd to whatever email you put in? but its like a real mailbox, lay out like yahoo and stuff. im a bit confused..and im guessing im just making it worse but if anyone knows what im talking about please let me know lol
    12-25-08 03:30 AM